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Look no further, modernity meets comfort!

The most current urban spa on the market with unique ergonomics that will meet all your needs.

Fantom … a hot tub for everyone

Look no further, modernity meets comfort!

The most current urban spa on the market with unique ergonomics that will meet all your needs.

Fantom … a hot tub for everyone

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4-5 seats
20 jets
79″ x 76″ x 32″
1174 liters
Exterior L.E.D. corner lights
1 bed / lounge
L.E.D. waterfall
120V connection convertible to 240V
Cover included
M7 1kw / 4kw water heater
Total weight with water: 2900 lbs
2 available colors

100% serviceable

• Removable dual-access panels on all 4 sides of the spa.
• Easy removable and reusable insulation

Compared to the industry standard spa, the Fantom is easy access and requires no long and complicated procedures to access the equipment.

A truly portable spa

• Our spas have been designed for easy transport.
• Fits easily in the back of a pick-up truck or on a small trailer.
• In-store customer pickup or delivery right to your doorstep
• Quick start-up guide included for easy, unassisted start-up.

Adjustable ambient lighting

• The Fantom is equipped with 9 color-changing L.E.D. lights so your evenings will be embellished with colors that promote relaxation.
• Cascading waterfall with L.E.D. backlighting (4)
• L.E.D. main light (1)
• Exterior corner L.E.D. lights (4)

All Season Insulation

This thermo-layer high-performance reflective film forms a tight curtain around the spa, keeping the heat inside and leaves the cold out.

This type of insulation referred to as the “thermal cabin effect” is very efficient and will provide excellent insulation to your spa.

Our spas are designed for harsh winters. A 240 V connection is recommended for optimal heating performance.

Available colors

In addition to Dark charcoal, we offer the Moka color that matches all earth and natural tones. This color is beautiful when in the sun and will fit wonderfully with your surroundings.

Cascading waterfall

• Adjustable cascading waterfall with multicolor L.E.D. backlighting
• Overflow with integrated coasters
• Includes a control valve that lets you adjust the waterfall flow in order to have the power that suits your level of relaxation.

Easy access drain valve

External drain valve to empty the spa quickly. You not have to open the spa to reach the drain valve


We use the best components (jets and electronic equipment) from the Balboa brand which is recognized worldwide for its quality as well as the durability and reliability of its products.

This equipment is optimized for simple and easy use in your spa.


In addition to the water heater, our spas are equipped with a natural friction heating system. When water flows quickly through our two Innovaflow adapters, the water particles clash and create heat in the vortex created by the two Innovaflow.

This means your water heater will be much less solicited and you will you achieve energetic savings which will result in lower electricity costs. And you don’t have to do a thing!


• 20 adjustable stainless steel jets
• Triangulation massage optimized gap between jets from the top to bottom
• Water path increasing jets power and reach

L.E.D.-illuminated exterior corners

The Fantom spa is equipped with color-changing L.E.D. corner lights. These lights will illuminate your spa and its surrounding areas to create a peaceful oasis conducive to relaxation. You have access to a selection of colors and rhythms that will meet your needs.

No hassle installation

• No site preparation.
• Sits on any solid, level surface.

Our spas are freestanding and made of one solid piece (monocoque). This explains why you don’t have any complicated preparation to do before installation.

Plug & Play

• No electrician required for 120V installation.
• 100% convertible to 240V if needed (by an electrician).
• Plugs directly into the wall.


We chose the best material for the structure for our spas: virtually indestructible and lightweight, polyethylene doesn’t retain bacteria and prevents its development.

• Totally sealed and protected bottom
• One-piece spa (monocoque)
• Easy-care material


• 4 versatile seats with ergonomic wraparound bed
• Angle at the knee optimized for comfort
• Seat backrest with a unique angle at each position allowing diversity and a massage unique to each seat.
• Ideal for people 5′ to 6’3″

Customer Reviews

  1. Spa Fantom
    Lisa Romanelli

    I just love my Fantom, the only comment is that they should provide a second filter cartridge so you don’t have to run out and buy one when you want to replace the one that comes with the spa. Other than that, super product!

  2. Spa Fantom
    Francesco Dicampo

    I buy my hot tub at mermaid pools, i love it !!!

  3. Spa Fantom
    Yan F.

    I love mine!

  4. Spa Fantom
    Todd Anthony

    I’ve had my Fantom for almost 2 years. Can’t beat it for the price! Plug and play and no need to convert to 220v. The max temp us 104°, but sometimes it gets up to 105! Best bang for your buck right here 🤩