Urban freestanding spas Comfort within
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Place on a well-leveled surface

Fill with water

Plug in a 120 volts outlet

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  • We bought the Storm in 2020. We think we had a lemon. The fountain never worked, the jets were weak the pump broke after a year and it came with deep scratches. The retailer who sold us this spa, in our city, was not helpful, telling us this was how the spa was. This year we noticed cracks in our spa and deep fissures and the spa was leaking. After us contacting Lumi-o directly(as our retailer kept delaying contacting them) they were amazing. They delivered us a brand new Storm( as it was covered under a 5 year warranty) and what a difference in how it works!! We love this spa, and loved it before, but we are grateful we now can enjoy the full experience of this spa.

    Teresa Cosentino
    Spa Storm
  • Great Budget friendly and reliable hot tub , had mine for over a year now ! Love it !

    Spa Stream
  • December 2021 At about half the cost of a regular hot tub this is definitely NOT a disappointment. We just LOVE it!!!! We decided to install a 220 line rather then plug n play at 110. It heats up to 103-104 quick. Was easy to move and install. And literally just filled it with water and the tub does the rest. Add to that, our dealer ( Calais Spa ) and their staff were absolutely PERFECT, PROFESSIONAL and KNOWLEDGEABLE All of this made for a perfect combination

    Spa Storm
  • Perfect for my gatherings with friends!!! Go go stream!

    Spa Stream
  • Powerful jets!!!! wow

    Alan F
    Spa Stream
  • WOW!! I was scared it wouldn't fit on my patio, but it turns out it's perfect!!

    Nathalie P.
    Spa Storm
  • My wife and I bought the Storm and were hapily surprised by your product! Thks!!

    Jules R.
    Spa Storm
  • hi from Ontario. Love it in my backyard. Thanks!!

    Spa Storm

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