Urban freestanding spas Comfort within
reach of all

Place on a well-leveled surface

Fill with water

Plug in a 120 volts outlet

Discover the InnovaSpa concept
  • Fantom

    4-5 seats
    20 jets
    1174 liters
    4 899 $

    Look no further, modernity meets comfort!

    The most current urban spa on the market with unique ergonomics that will meet all your needs.

    Fantom … a hot tub for everyone

  • Spa-Ô

    5 seats
    12 / 17 jets
    1174 liters
    4 199 $

    The Spa-Ô is timeless: its size makes it a spa that fits everywhere.

    Molded in a single piece, the Spa-Ô is made of virgin polyethylene, lightweight, resistant, and above all easy to maintain

    It has proven itself for many years.

  • Urbania

    5 seats
    16 / 21 jets
    1000 liters
    4 799 $

    Inspired by the latest trends, the Urbania revolutionizes the portable spa category with its unique design.

    The Urbania offers 6 ergonomic massage stations, including 2 captain’s seats and a lounger.

    Urbania… for a well-deserved urban getaway!

  • I buy my hot tub at mermaid pools, i love it !!!

    Francesco Dicampo
    Spa Fantom
  • I just love my Fantom, the only comment is that they should provide a second filter cartridge so you don’t have to run out and buy one when you want to replace the one that comes with the spa. Other than that, super product!

    Lisa Romanelli
    Spa Fantom

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