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  • Stream

    5 seats
    32 jets
    1250 liters

    The Stream was engineered to combine comfort and roominess.  It was designed with multiple seating options for massage variety and to accommodate different body shapes and sizes.  It also has an oversized footwell for added leg comfort.  The lounger is unique in that it can be used by a single person or with a second person relaxing at the other end.  The lounge chairs are extremely roomy, as well, and two are equipped with armrests for added seating comfort.  The Stream also has two cool down seats that provide a break from your massage or simply, a chance to cool down a bit without having to exit the spa.

  • Great spa. I had another different one for 21 years and finally had to be replaced. This is well made, comfortable and squirrels and chipmunks can’t get into it to chew on wires etc. Do far very satisfied

    Scott Steinberg
    Spa Storm
  • Wow !!!

    Fred rozenberg
    Spa Urbania
  • My Urbania is fantastic !!!

    Stephen Smith
    Spa Urbania
  • I adore the urbania. My back doesn’t hurt as much when I use it often. Thanks

    Brenda Jones
    Spa Urbania
  • The spa goes well with my backyard, the new sand color is superb. I would have loved to send a picture of my setup but I can’t on your site?

    Melissa Lee
    Spa Urbania
  • My friends have the urbania, where can I find it in Hartford, Connecticut?

    Dave Sheppard
    Spa Urbania
  • I called after a power outage and they answered me quickly and were very nice. Problem solved, thank you Veronique!!!

    Victoria Lane
    Spa Urbania
  • I love my spa-o, it gets used all year round

    Mark Green
    Spa Spa-Ô

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