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  • Spa Stream

    Great Budget friendly and reliable hot tub , had mine for over a year now ! Love it !

  • Spa Storm

    December 2021 At about half the cost of a regular hot tub this is definitely NOT a disappointment. We just LOVE it!!!! We decided to install a 220 line rather then plug n play at 110. It heats up to 103-104 quick. Was easy to move and install. And literally just filled it with water and the tub does the rest. Add to that, our dealer ( Calais Spa ) and their staff were absolutely PERFECT, PROFESSIONAL and KNOWLEDGEABLE All of this made for a perfect combination

  • Spa Stream

    Perfect for my gatherings with friends!!! Go go stream!

  • Spa Stream
    Alan F

    Powerful jets!!!! wow

  • Spa Storm
    Nathalie P.

    WOW!! I was scared it wouldn't fit on my patio, but it turns out it's perfect!!

  • Spa Storm
    Jules R.

    My wife and I bought the Storm and were hapily surprised by your product! Thks!!

  • Spa Storm

    hi from Ontario. Love it in my backyard. Thanks!!

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