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  • Spa Storm
    Scott Steinberg

    Great spa. I had another different one for 21 years and finally had to be replaced. This is well made, comfortable and squirrels and chipmunks can’t get into it to chew on wires etc. Do far very satisfied

  • Spa Fantom

    I purchased the hot tub in July 2020 and I have been using it for 3 weeks I was surprised on how easy it was to set it up, it took about 12 hours to warm up to 100 degrees, but it runs quiet which I love . The few things I have found to dislike about It is .. I wish the seats were bigger because I am very tall (6’6” )And When you turn it on to the second setting with the air bubbles it only last about 12 mins then turns off. I am very surprised on how well it keeps the temperature even when it is being used, and I was able to find it on sell Which was A $1000. Less then most people sell them for . I also set mine up in a 16x20 Out side room which is called the hot tub room 😊. This way we can use it longer . The only thing left is to wait to see how much it will cost Per month on my electric bill Over all I give the Hot tub 5 stars ⭐️ and wort the investment.

  • Spa Spa-Ô
    Mark Green

    I love my spa-o, it gets used all year round

  • Spa Fantom
    Danielle Estevez

    This spa is so beautiful with the outside lights and the waterfall. I highly recommend it to anyone

  • Spa Fantom
    Scott Wilson

    Without a doubt 5 stars!! super service in store

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