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  • Spa Fantom

    I purchased the hot tub in July 2020 and I have been using it for 3 weeks I was surprised on how easy it was to set it up, it took about 12 hours to warm up to 100 degrees, but it runs quiet which I love . The few things I have found to dislike about It is .. I wish the seats were bigger because I am very tall (6’6” )And When you turn it on to the second setting with the air bubbles it only last about 12 mins then turns off. I am very surprised on how well it keeps the temperature even when it is being used, and I was able to find it on sell Which was A $1000. Less then most people sell them for . I also set mine up in a 16x20 Out side room which is called the hot tub room 😊. This way we can use it longer . The only thing left is to wait to see how much it will cost Per month on my electric bill Over all I give the Hot tub 5 stars ⭐️ and wort the investment.

  • Spa Urbania
    Fred rozenberg

    Wow !!!

  • Spa Urbania
    Stephen Smith

    My Urbania is fantastic !!!

  • Spa Urbania
    Brenda Jones

    I adore the urbania. My back doesn’t hurt as much when I use it often. Thanks

  • Spa Urbania
    Melissa Lee

    The spa goes well with my backyard, the new sand color is superb. I would have loved to send a picture of my setup but I can’t on your site?

  • Spa Urbania
    Dave Sheppard

    My friends have the urbania, where can I find it in Hartford, Connecticut?

  • Spa Urbania
    Victoria Lane

    I called after a power outage and they answered me quickly and were very nice. Problem solved, thank you Veronique!!!

  • Spa Spa-Ô
    Mark Green

    I love my spa-o, it gets used all year round

  • Spa Fantom
    Danielle Estevez

    This spa is so beautiful with the outside lights and the waterfall. I highly recommend it to anyone

  • Spa Fantom
    Scott Wilson

    Without a doubt 5 stars!! super service in store

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