How can I prepare myself to bring my spa home?

As the spa can be placed on any level surface, minimum preparation is required. We made a list of things to do for the FANTOM, the STORM and the STREAM.

What is the best way to fill my spa for the first time?

You must remove the spa filter cartridge and insert the garden hose directly into this opening. This will make it easier for your pump to start by pushing air out of the water.

Are we in need of an electrician to connect the spa?

Yes, for Europe, because normally our spas are plug and play spas: simply plug them into a standard 120 volt/15 amp wall outlet or simply convert them to 240 volts for better efficiency in cold weather.

However, for the European market, the power is not the same. Our spas are 100% compatible with all types of electrical outlets in Europe.

However, if you have an electrician converting to the type of power required in your country, it will be very easy for him to do the connection. We have been selling in the European market for many years.

What is the best way to remove air from the spa lines?

If your spa displays DR, DY, or LF error codes during start-up, there is air in the lines that is preventing water from flowing through them. You need to remove the air from these lines. DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS.

How can I change the filter cycle and water heating modes?

DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE for info on how to change your filter cycle and your water heating modes.

What product should I use to sanitize my spa water?

Bromine, lithium or biguanide are recommended. The use of chlorine may result in the cancellation of your warranty.

What’s the best way to use disinfectants in my spa?

In order to avoid large concentrations of disinfectant in one place, and to prevent discoloration of the spa, we suggest using bromine in a float diffuser.

How do I clean my spa’s surface and cover?

To clean the inner and outer surfaces, use a mild detergent, warm water and a soft brush or cloth. Before you refill the spa, please thoroughly rinse the detergent. Never use cleaners that contain harsh abrasives or rubbing and buffing compounds. They may permanently damage your spa surfaces. Refill the spa according to the instructions located in the Installation and quick start up guide of the user’s manual.

Is the spa portable?

Yes, our spas are easily portable. They can be transported with a small trailer or simply deposited in the box of a pick-up truck. Our spa models weigh between 135 and 155 kg. They are easily moved between the house and the cottage.

Can I use my spa all year long?

Yes, our spas are isolated and usable during all 4 seasons (12 months per year).

How do I prepare my spa for winterization?

It is strongly recommended that you contact a professional to close your spa to avoid damage caused by improper winterization procedures. The following steps should be followed: DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS.

After using the spa, the water heater won’t restart?

Your spa automatically checks the water temperature for one (1) minute, every thirty (30) minutes, in order to increase the temperature if it has dropped. To turn the heater back on, decrease your set temperature by one (1) degree below the current temperature and wait for the display to stop flashing. After stopping, raise the set temperature back to your original setting. This should restart the heater within one (1) minute.

How often should I drain the spa?

You should drain and refill your spa every one (1) to three (3) months depending on usage. You should also replace the filter cartridge and wipe down the spa as needed. It’s important to have a replacement filter cartridge on hand.

I'm looking for the drain valve on my spa. What is the exact location of it?

The location may vary from one model to another. We’ve put together some documents to help you find it easily: click here for the FANTOM, here for the STORM or here for the STREAM.

How do I replace my filter cartridge?

You can purchase a new cartridge, your spa’s filter element, from your local spa retailer. If the original cartridge is not in stock, check the availability of the equivalents listed in this file.

My vendor told me about a system that can heat water and save energy. What is this system?

Our spas are equipped with the Innovaflow Eco-Energy Saver system, which means your heater will be much less solicited and will allow you to save money on electricity consumption. And saving money is always good!

How can I improve my spa's energy performance?

To improve the energy performance, we suggest adding Roxul Rockwool insulation to all three sides of the spa. For Fantom and Storm spas, you’ll need to add between 1 and 2 bags. For Stream spas, you’ll need at least 2 bags. Roxul Rockwool insulation is available from all good hardware stores.

What is the maximum temperature of the water in the spa?

The maximum temperature is 40º Celsius, like all spas in the industry.

I have damaged a part in my spa and would like to replace it. How do I find the part code?

We have compiled all of our basic spa part codes in the following documents: the FANTOM PARTS, the STORM PARTS and the STREAM PARTS.

I lost the user guide, can I download it?

Here is a downloadable copy of the user guide for the FANTOM, the STORM and the STREAM.

If my warranty has expired, how can I get service or talk to a representative?

InnovaSpa (Lumi-O | Innovaplas inc) continues to provide service for your spa even after your warranty has expired. You can contact InnovaSpa (Lumi-O | Innovaplas inc) at 1-800-363-2396, extension 226, or by email at [email protected].

Are your products guaranteed for commercial use?

No, our warranty does not cover commercial use, nor does it cover damage that is the result of abnormal use.

I'm a store owner and I'm wondering how to turn on only the lights on my in-store spa demo?

By following the procedure available here, you can easily turn on only the lights of your in-store spa demo.

On my spa leaflet and on the user manual, I see that it says 5 years warranty on the shell with a pro rata. What does that mean?

The pro rata is the period of time the consumer used the spa (from the delivery date)

For example

5 years = 60 months
Spa received on April 1, 2022
Replacement of the spa following a problem in April 2024
2 years of use = 24 months
Purchase cost: $5 000 before taxes
$5 000 / 60 months = $83.33
Prorated usage: $83.33 x 24 months = $2 000

Therefore, there is a pro rata of $2 000 to pay to have a new spa.

The spa cover is never included in a spa exchange.

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